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Ace Your Mental Game: Unleashing Volleyball Performance with In-Between Routine Power-ups

Updated: May 28

In the dynamic world of volleyball, mental performance routines are often the secret weapons that empower athletes to achieve their peak potential. From the tense moments between serves to the critical intervals between sets, having a well-crafted mental routine can be the game-changer that propels players to success. In this blog, we'll explore three dominant mental performance routines specifically designed for elite level volleyball players. These routines will not only cater to the time demands of the game but also enable players to create a personalized mental ritual that maximizes their focus, confidence, and overall performance.

Routine 1: The Energizing Breather (15-30 seconds): During those brief seconds between serves, where every player's gaze is locked upon the server, a highly effective mental routine can be executed.

a.) Take a deep breath in through the nose for 4 seconds.

b.) Label what that breath brings you. For example, inhale "belief" or "focus."

c.) Exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds, let go of any tension or distractions, fully engaging in the present moment.

d.) Label any undesired thoughts or words. For example, exhale "doubt" or "fear."

e.) Repeat this breathing pattern for 2-5 rounds depending on your time.

By taking this energizing breather, you'll bring balance to your energy with being alert and calm.

Routine 2: The Tactical Visualization (45-60 seconds): The time between sets presents a unique opportunity to fine-tune your strategy and mental approach. Utilize this moment to visualize yourself executing your next technique, or making a decisive decision.

a.) Run through the possible scenarios you could face. See the blocks, digs, kills, and sets you could be expected to make.

b.) Clearly visualize how you will respond in 5-10 second visual clips.

c.) Engage all your senses to make the visualization vivid and immersive.

d.) Replay clips 1-3x depending on your time.

By mentally rehearsing the upcoming set or serve, you'll bolster your confidence, enhance your focus, and sharpen your volleyball instincts.

Routine 3: The Self-Talk Lock-In (10-15 seconds): When the pressure mounts between serves, it's crucial to maintain a task-focused mind. Harness the power of neutral self-talk during these crucial moments.

a.) Ask yourself, "what is required of me now?"

b.) Answer the question with clear and simple instructions. Start with "I am responsible for___" and finish with "so I will___." For example, "I am responsible for keeping the ball in play, so I will watch it closely connect to my forearms."

c.) Avoid using any counterarguments like "but" or "unless."

d.) If the situation is vague with many options for decisions, create an "if, then, I will" statement for 2-3 scenarios. For example: "If Sarah sets me, then I will time my jump and exhale on my kill with a smooth follow through." This is like a mental checklist or playbook for what you can expect.

e.) Now that you've "pre-programmed" your mind, trust your instincts to act and be free.

This mental routine will infuse you with unwavering concentration on the task at hand, allowing you to excel under pressure and not let emotions cloud rational decisions.

Mastering the mental game in volleyball is a continuous journey, and the implementation of targeted routines in-between serves and sets can make a world of difference. By integrating the Energizing Breather, Tactical Visualization, and Self-Talk Lock-In routines into your gameplay, you'll develop a resilient mindset, elevate your focus, and unlock your true potential on the court. Embrace these mental performance routines as your secret weapons, and get ready to dominate the game and stay locked in! Remember, the mind is your most powerful asset in volleyball, and harnessing its full potential will propel you towards greatness.

If you would like more on how to create a routine for setbacks or high-pressured games specific to you and volleyball, click on the button to get started.

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