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The Mind Is A Muscle - Feed It And Flex It In 2023!

Whether it's an intentional movement like squats or push-ups, or involuntary movement like walking, it all starts from the brain. So why not exercise your most important muscle...the brain? Wait... you can exercise the brain? YES! That is what I do. Much like a personal trainer writes up a physical training plan and coaches your movements, I do the same for your brain, the control center of all movement, thought, emotion, etc. Here's what that looks like:

1.) The Plan: We start with developing an understanding of what your mental performance looks like now, and what you would like for it to be and in what time, otherwise known as a "macrocycle." The same concept applies for someone wanting to lose 20lbs of weight in 4 months, or improve their 100m sprint time by .25 seconds. Maybe you want to be more confident performing in front of large crowds, or learn how to bounce back from mistakes in your competition. We identify what the goal is, where you are now, and then the week-by-week process I will put you through on how to get there.

2.) The Process: Without giving away my recipe, maybe I can provide a sample taste. This starts with accountability and commitment from the athlete or performer. I can lead a horse to water but cannot force it to drink. I will give daily and weekly exercises to complete such as a values assessment, daily meditations, mindfulness practices, etc. But if you are not doing them, or not giving time, effort, and thought to finish them thoroughly and intentionally, there is only so much our weekly meetings will help you. Your brain responds to repetitions. The personal trainer can give you a workout plan to lose those 20 lbs, but if you're feeding your body poorly outside of the workouts, then you won't get the results. But have no fear! The exercises I provide start short and simple and progressively get more in depth as we advance. This is called the "progressive overload" principle. This also applies physically. For example, I would not expect you to run 4 miles and go right into a marathon. The process to being a mental monster requires habit formation to reprogram the subconscious mind.

3.) The Finish: This is an interesting concept because we are never truly "finished." The grounds of Elite Mental Performance is we are "mentally unlimited." So when we hit your sport psychology goals, and you recognize you are mentally tougher, you can deal with high pressure situations better, that's just the beginning. That's what makes this field so AWESOME! Physically, you can only lose so much weight and hit your fitness goals before it may become unhealthy, or get to an age where your physical goals change. But mentally, there is no finish, just constant improvement.

I am proud to know that the athlete's who have been with me for 4 months, 6 months, and even 8 months, are all reaching new mental performance levels. They have embraced their individual power and strength to train their mind with me as their guide and facilitator. So whenever their bodies say "I'm done" and they retire from their sport, their minds say "we're not finished." Because all of this training does not just help you in your performance domain, but it helps how you conduct your life, improve your relationships, and execute better in your career. Because that is your power. You are mentally unlimited. Find out how and join the team!

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