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Are you struggling with confidence in your sport? Is it difficult to transfer your abilities from training to games consistently?

We offer individualized mental training programs for the athletes that are all in!


Get a unique program with expert coaching, and exercises we use with collegiate and professional athletes.




"I was struggling to find myself"

I had lots of success using Alex's methods, most notably at big-world shows. I'd never competed at such high levels, and I was struggling to find myself comparable to my competition. Finding a pre-performance routine really helped with this stress, getting me in the zone and helping get my mindset in the right place to go out into the ring and give it everything I had. I learned that it really didn't take as much effort as I thought to rebuild my motivation, I just had to change my way of thinking.



About Alex


Meet Alex Bolowich. He is a mental performance consultant and owner of Elite Mental Performance. Alex obtains a Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology. He is a former NCAA Division 1 soccer player, captain, and goalkeeper at Creighton University. Through his firsthand experiences and education, Alex understands the significance of an athlete’s ability to maximize their physical abilities by having a clear and focused mind. He has put his experience and education to use in real time with over one hundred athletes around the country.


In today’s world of elite performance, athletes may struggle with various mental obstacles such as maintaining confidence, focus, composure, and mental toughness. Alex has the knowledge and skills to tailor any mental game plan to an individual athlete. His core focus as a consultant is athlete centered, knowing that everyone is unique in their own cognitive and behavioral processes as they apply to athletic performance. Let Alex get you started on your journey of elite mental performance. Contact him to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. He can tailor a mental skills training plan directly for you. 



Backed by scientific-based evidence. ​

Utilized by professional athletes, military, and Olympians worldwide.


Building neural nets to train your mind to think and behave how you want to.

Build confidence, mental strength, composure, and focus.

Learn proven strategies to handle high pressured situations.

Learn mental skills to handle performance errors and setbacks.


At EMP you are guaranteed the following:

Individual Support - It is vital that we develop a supportive relationship. We don't just provide the training, but we are in your corner.

Systematic Exercises - The mind is a muscle that needs to be trained. At EMP we provide exercises and assignments to be completed to condition different psychological skills.

Athlete-Centered Approach - Your overall wellbeing is our priority. We will tailor our program to your needs and goals.

Image by Gentrit Sylejmani
Image by Chino Rocha


Individual or Team Based

Virtual or In-Person (within acceptable range)

50-minute sessions

Athletes, Performing Artists, First Responders, Business Executives

Amateur, High School, Collegiate, Professional

and Olympian Levels

Organizations we've worked with:


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