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See how previous athletes have benefited from working with Alex and the EMP platform!

Chad, NC

Alex is doing a fantastic job coaching my 14 year old daughter. Her confidence level was not were it should be during basketball games ... After just a few sessions with Alex, she has actually gained so much confidence she hit the game winner to win her team the AAU championship and last weekend ... We can't wait to see the results over the next several months with her and Alex. I would absolutely recommend him!

Alec, Nc

Alex has helped me in so many ways specifically on how I mentally approach competitions. I've been able to find a true purpose and meaning in my sport again learning to stay calm and have that fun and enjoyment attitude. Alex has helped me develop multiple mental strategies before, during, and after competition that are very useful and helpful.

Alexis, WI

[Athlete] has, (what I’m told might be) the best 4 games of his life ... Apparently, he played stellar defense the entire tournament and had 6 blocks in one of the games ... I was hyped, so I gave the kid a call and asked where all this energy and amazing play suddenly came from. His response was something like “well, in my last talk with my coach (yea, that’s you) he told me some stuff, so I was thinking about that the whole time” ... I have no idea what you talked to him about or what kind of magic you’re cooking up, but wanted to let you know he recognizes that you are playing a big role in his growth and development!

Lindsay, Nc

Alex is the go-to mental performance coach for elite athletes! With high-level playing experience coupled with a background in sport psychology, Alex knows what it takes to get to the top. He will help guide you, the committed athlete, to finding the power within yourself to become the best in your sport. Alex will consistently show up for you, and he expects that you consistently show up for yourself. Don't hesitate to sign up with Alex today!

Juliana, AL

Alex has helped me with not only my mental performance in volleyball, but in all aspects of my life. He is constantly helping me and even sends me outside sources/videos that he finds. My play on the court and my mental toughness has gradually increased. 100 percent recommend!

Jesse, MI

I've been a performer and competitive dancer for several years and really hit a new level of feeling free. I can't quite put words to the feelings, but I just felt like I could let go and that is when I perform the best. I can't thank Alex enough!

Kenneth, CA

My wife and I highly recommend Alex. Our son has been working with Alex for almost 6 months and his growth during this period has been huge. (Athlete) is a competitive basketball player and was having trouble with his confidence shooting and taking chances ... We started working with Alex and he is now taking shots without hesitation, his confidence on court is obvious and he no longer passes off good shots. He is taking more chances and believes in himself

Katie, AL

I play for one of the top softball travel ball organizations in the country and Alex has helped me a lot with keeping my confidence ... he’s taught me ways to stay more consistent, he’s helped me decrease my overthinking, handle pressure situations, deal with high expectations, and he’s taught me many methods to stay calm. I’ve been using him for six months and it never gets old. Ever week we have a new topic to discuss. I would recommend him to anybody. Softball is a game of failure and he’s really helped me sustain my focus.

Ashley, NC

In gymnastics I needed that psychological edge to take my game from good to great. Alex helped me realize I just wanted dialed in or focusing on the appropriate cues, feelings, and techniques. Now I'm able to put that piece together!

Stephanie, NC

Thanks to Alex and EMP, I learned how to generate my own confidence instead of relying on it from others!

Marissa, NC

Alex has helped me in so many ways with my tennis game. I am able to play the net more consistently and I actually look forward to high pressured situations now when I used to shy away from them. I've been able to take these lessons on and off the court.

Danielle, NC

Coach Alex has transformed my sport’s performance! I am a lot tougher in sports, and in life thanks to Alex. His tools, training and mental visualization skills are modern and on point. Alex has made me a believer that mental training is a valuable tool/skill to have - I have seen my performance increase, and I have reached my performance goals. Sign up for sessions ASAP and watch your life change!
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